Partner or Collaborator? Corporate Counsel Magazine on Cisco’s Relationship with China

The November issue of Corporate Counsel Magazine contains an interesting article on Cisco’s relationship with China, aptly titled “Partner or Collaborator?  Cisco discovers the perils of doing business in China.

The article addresses both the Du v. Cisco and Doe v. Cisco cases, and Cisco’s muted response to the accusations that have been made and substantial evidence support our clients’ claims.  Daniel Ward is quoted extensively about Cisco’s actions and Du v. Cisco:

The writers are represented by Daniel Ward, a partner at Ward & Ward in Washington, D.C., who filed the suit in federal district court in Greenbelt, Maryland. “This wasn’t just Cisco ignorantly selling routers to an oppressive regime and saying, ‘Gee, let’s hope for the best,'” says Ward. “This is them actively marketing themselves as an entity that could help in the Chinese Communist Party’s efforts to oppress dissidents.”

Attorney Ward’s goal is changing the way Cisco and other companies weigh market opportunities. China “is seeking American technological know-how to crush dissent, and those American technology companies know it, but the draw of profits is irresistible to them,” he says.

He believes Yahoo made serious changes as a result of being sued. He hopes the suit against Cisco yields similar results. With Cisco, he says, “our goal is to make that cost-benefit analysis shift.”

As we have stated previously, there is no doubt there is more evidence out there regarding Cisco’s ongoing support of the Chinese Communist Party’s continued oppression of its citizens.  If you have any information, please do not hesitate to contact Daniel Ward.  Any such communications will be kept confidential.

Let Cisco Systems know that their continued and knowing support of the Chinese Communist Party’s efforts to violate the human rights of peaceful political dissidents like Du Daobin, Zhou Yuanzhi, and Liu Xianbin will no longer be tolerated.  Contact your elected representatives — let them know how you feel.  Finally, if you haven’t already done so, sign the Electronic Frontier Foundation’s petition– Tell Cisco: Stop helping China abuse human rights!.